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Meetings with remarkable women.

Rana Miras, Turkish pepper

Rana-Miras (137K)

Circumstances of our first meeting weren't all that good. The stagefloor was slippery wet and moving and playing derboukka at the same time was troublesome, the least one could say. At the same time the event, somewhere in Germany, was fun. Rana did the show to replace Aziza Gizeh who performed in Athens. At that time Rana used to live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Rana Miras studied classical ballet and music at an early age in Istanbul and was introduced to ethnic dances such as Bharata Natyam and African ballet in Europe and finally oriental dance, which became her work and passion for life. She studied oriental dance with Egyptian and Lebanese master choreographers as well as Turkish teachers and has been performing and teaching internationally since 1987.

Rana Miras has been a Pioneer in presenting the oriental dance in theatrical form for larger audiences in Europe. She Choreographed and directed several dance-theater shows and performed in sold out theaters. Rana also founded the International School of Middle Eastern Dance and was in charge of the Raqs Sharky department of the World Dance School in Amsterdam. Rana Miras is now teaching Professionals and dance students of all levels in Istanbul.

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