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Bellydance diva's: Aziza

How did you get attracted to bellydance?

Mandi Aziza Williams now tours intensively around the world giving bootcamp workshops together with top percussionist Issam Houshan. Besides the usual bellydance rhythms, the duo is not afraid to confront their students with uneven rhythms such as 9/8 and 13/8. Very refreshing mix this spicing up with the ancient oriental tradition.

"I started with ballet when I was 3 years old, so I have a classical background. But the first time I saw bellydance, I was sold! I started to learn oriental dance and from there on slowly developed my own style." Aziza - winner of the pageant "Bellydancer of the Universe 2002 - was on tour in Europe and Africa. Between 2 shows at the 7 th International Festival of Oriental dance in Brussels she still found the time to do a little interview.
We continued the interview in Ghent after she finished her salad, unleased her hair and showed her new beautifull costumes.

Aziza performed at the 7 th Festival of Oriental dance in Brussels, Belgium. The now in Canada living Aziza did a soulfull jazz-ballet bellydance fusion in a blue outfit. The music gave a nice contrast with the oriental tunes. Her second choreography was a modern oriental dance with Silly Saïdi part (dixit the program).

Aziza-20080531 (22K)
Aziza concluded: "Fusion did draw a lot of people to bellydance. Hopefully they will start also to appreciate the classical oriental dance and music".
The Canadian bellydancer is extremely popular in Europe and is doing workshops and shows on a regular base.

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