Miles Copeland and the Bellydance Superstars

Manager Bellydance Superstars

He is multimillionaire and multi-lingual, speaking English, Spanish, French and Arabic. We're talking about Miles Copeland manager of a stable of artists including The Police (his brother Steward was the drummer of the Police), Sting, REM, The Bangles, Jools Holland and the GoGos and now the Bellydance Superstars and The Desert Roses.
Copeland formed the Bellydance Superstars and The Desert Roses in 2003. Miles picked up the idea when he saw one of the bands he managed performing together with some belly dancers. He became quite impressed and launched himself into the world of oriental dance. Perhaps it was his destiny as he was born in the Middle East. So he started advertise to collect a bunch of professional dancers, all aged between 21 and 38, proclaimed them Bellydance Superstars and began to conquer the world with them.
As Miles required young and slender oriental dancers, he soon had a controversy in the belly dance community. His skills as manager solved the problem, and a legend was born.
The belly-dance community was very mad at Miles Copeland when he put together that Belly Dance Superstars project. "He chose all the pretty young dancers." was the most heard complaint. The first Bellydance Superstars world tour was in 2004 followed by a second world tour in 2005. Most of the dancers were teachers as well and while touring they gave workshops in oriental dance and tribal style.
The Bellydance Superstars' revolutionary mix of Arabic traditional dance, techno and Latin rhythms will mark 2005 what the 1980's hits "Message In A Bottle", "Walking on the moon" meant to the punky public hopes Miles Copeland, the brother of Steward copeland, the drummer of the Police hits.
The beautiful and glamorous Bellydance Superstars conquered America after touring with the Lollopalooza festival backed up with middle-eastern percussion and the rhythms.
Audiences in America were first 95% women but that all changed. Even so in Europe. According to Copeland it also awakens a woman's natural feminine sensuality and self-confidence, something most bellydancers in fact already know.
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