Tips to become a professional oriental dancer

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  • Pick up from teachers. Follow every workshop available by the best oriental dancers around.
  • Invest in eye-catching costuming.
  • Consider to take professional help for your publicity, it pays of in the long term. I tried out various forms of publicity. Cheap publicity = cheap dancer. A gold full color print publicity card in three languages got me instant international jobs, good pay and decent dressing rooms.
  • Keep a database, mail your prospects - not only by e-mail - a regular base! Holiday wishes, new costumes, new shows, whatever.
  • Buy a good car or take a good driver. No cheap excuses as "my car broke down".
  • Use a GPS and route-planner
  • Always check out for decent sound-system. How can you give away a good performance with a cracking cassette player?
  • ALWAYS come on time. Don't invent silly excuses.
  • Design a strong contract and stipulate professional rules.
  • Learn new languages, or engage someone who knows if you plan to travel internationally.

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